The Skara-Cannibal

On the 12th of November, 2010, the police in Skara, Sweden, got a chilling telephone-call from a man who claimed to have murdered his own girlfriend in his apartment.
The man, Isakin Jonsson, told the policeman over the phone how he had cut off his girlfriend’s head along with parts from her underarms and thighs. He then told them how he put the slices of flesh in his frying-pan and ate them.

When the police arrived at Jonsson’s apartment, he was arrested without a fight but the police proceeded to discover something macabre.
In the bedroom, the body of Jonsson’s girlfriend, Helle Christensen, was found; beheaded and with the knife laying on her stomach. Her head was found in the kitchen, along with the frying-pan in which Jonsson had cooked some of her flesh, just like he told the policemen over the phone.

Jonsson, now nicknamed the "Skara-cannibal", said that he “always wanted to know what human flesh tastes like”.
The cannibal is currently taken care of at Karsuddens Hospital in Katrineholm, Sweden; for his mental instabilities.

Random fact: In his apartment, several movies were found, that gave “hints” to his crime, if you will. Amongst them were “Green River Killer” and “The Wonderland Murders”.

Random fact #2: Apparently, Jonsson is now engaged to another murderer. They are both detained at the same psychiatric unit and this murderer’s name is Michelle Gustafsson. She’s a Satanist who stabbed one of her friends and proceeded to drink his blood.
The “Cannibal” and the “Vampire” intend to get married, if all goes well. 

Pictured: Isakin Jonsson (left) and his victim (right).

(Source: amandabellman)