It's weird that people that are against true crime blogs write death threats to the bloggers. There's no logic.


There really isn’t - it’s actually a lot worse if you’ve ever happened to read an article or post ANYWHERE on the internet about criminals in general.

If you just read the comments, you’ll see things like “I hope this asshole gets ripped to pieces!!!” or “They should kill this scumbag for what he did!” or “I hope he gets raped in the pen!!” And it doesn’t even really matter what their crime was - it could be petty theft to something as serious as serial killing. The response is the same. AND PEOPLE GET FUCKING CREATIVE ABOUT IT TOO, like, they’ll say shit like “I hope they dip this asshole in organic honey and feed him to thousands of starving hogs that haven’t eaten in months!!!” LIKE. WAY TO BE FRIGHTENINGLY SPECIFIC THERE, JOHN397 FROM TEXAS. THE FACT THAT YOU’RE OUT AND ABOUT IN SOCIETY DEFINITELY ISN’T DISCONCERTING.

I mean, like… I understand that these people are criminals and you feel strongly about what they did and who they victimized, but get a fucking grip, jesus christ, you sound EXACTLY like the people you’re admonishing, how can you not see this???

That same vitriol is thrown at anyone who shows even the smallest bit of sympathy towards any criminal - and not even sympathy, mind you, if someone says something neutral like “yes, but they deserve due process” someone else will inevitably respond with “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIM!?!??!?!?!?!? DID THEY GET DUE PROCESS???? S/HE DIDN’T CARE WHEN S/HE RAPED/KILLED/STOLE/etc.”

Yes, thank you, and believe it or not, that’s what separates functional human beings and their judicial system FROM THE CRIMINALS THEY’RE TRYING TO CAPTURE, PROSECUTE, AND PUNISH. The response isn’t to turn around and do the exact same thing, what the fucking hell???

And, in the spirit of showing humanity and sympathy for victims, they think the best way to make this obvious is to wish death, disease, dismemberment, suffering, and/or eternal damnation on the people who are either completely neutral to victims and their families, or who show sympathy towards the criminals. And to say things like, “I hope your family member(s) get killed and chopped up so you know how it feels” implies that the only way to empathize with a victim is to BE a victim - which then begs the question - who, in your family, got chopped up for you to believe you’re so much more empathetic to the victims and their families than me? You are no more capable of showing humanity to varied groups of people than I am, and my ability to show sympathy/empathy to criminals and their families does not mean I have no room for sympathy/empathy to victims or their families, or that I cannot possibly have both AT THE SAME TIME.

AS IF IT’S ALL OR NOTHING. If you show sympathy for criminals, it means that you are AUTOMATICALLY incapable of showing sympathy for victims and if that is the case, then you are either some sort of sociopath, or a criminal yourself who just hasn’t had the opportunity to commit a crime yet. THEREFORE, let me wish death and destruction upon you, you evil vile scum… again… in the spirit of being a good, caring, empathetic human being, because that’s what good, caring, empathetic human beings do… they wish death on people.

The logic… it’s totally missing.


Silent Hill, a masterpiece of horror


Silent Hill, a masterpiece of horror

nothing ever happens on tumblr anymore

like everything just seems kinda toned down because no one’s talking about the things they love to the same extent and it feels like none of my fave blogs update at the same rate they used to

or i’m just logged in at the wrong times idk


why did god make me a horny slut 

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Bill clinton


Bill clinton

my sister and i were at this store to buy candy and stuff and while we were looking at the dvd-section, she saw this:

and thought that those were HIS legs and basically i laughed my ass off inside the store



Some messages people in the true crime community have received

These concerned, highly empathetic individuals should start sending these kinds of messages to police, detectives, psychologists, psychiatrists, corrections agencies, true crime book publishers etc. too since those people dedicate their LIVES to serial killers, rapists and criminals…. not just blogs… their entire LIVES.

So, obviously, those people need to be shot/murdered, and their children should suffer in this life as well as the afterlife, for glorifying the crimes. Oh, and the wives, children, and parents of criminals should be burned to a crisp too for associating with them, ‘cause that’s a no-no as well.

Also, I propose we begin to commit the EXACT SAME CRIMES against criminals and their friends/supporters/advocacy groups/defense attorneys so EVERYONE OF THEM can SEE HOW IT FEELS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes. See how it feels. All of you should be victims of crime. Because, somehow, perpetuating devastating crime is the best way to get people to understand that they should not even THINK about crimes/criminals.

Uh… Not me though… I was just somehow magically born with the capacity to feel empathy for victims and victims’ families… VICTIMS AND VICTIMS’ FAMILIES ONLY!!!! So.. yeah, I don’t have to be killed and neither does my family ‘cause I don’t glorify crimes. Not even when I suggest you should be killed for having a blog. THAT’S not glorification… posting shit about Dahmer being a ‘cutie patootie’ is true glorification. That’s MUCH more devastating than wishing death on other people… Don’t get it twisted.

Once you become a victim, you will no longer be able to glorify ANYTHING, let alone criminals, ‘cause you’ll be too sad and grief-stricken to read about ted bundy and think he’s “cute.” That’s the only way. That’s honestly the only way any of you will ever learn anything. That’s the only way you’ll never find another criminal attractive or interesting ever again - get shot. Get your mom shot. Get your kids chopped into small pieces. Get your siblings eaten by other human beings. THEN YOU’LL KNOW HOW IT FEELS.

Become a victim of senseless violence! THAT’LL TEACH YOU SOME GODDAMN EMPATHY!!!!! SOME FUCKING HUMANITY!!!!! YOU PIGS!!!!!

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at school, we’re allowed to speak or show something to the rest of the class in the mornings and i just thought of something

i should show them a “bring me to life” naruto amv