I´ll write you tomorrow, im out of time right know!

alright :Y

Should i write to you personal or in an ask? (sorry for writing in an ask)

asks are a-okay, but i think the fanmail-option is better

im to shy to come off anon, do you really think, that would be oky?

sure it would! don’t worry about it :)

what do you consider as a bad movie i dont cosider dm a bad movie myself but i didnt knoe what others would think, maybe we could whatch attac of the killer tomatoes or love is colder thatn death at first, it will bring us into a graet mood, if you knoww. Amanda, irl i really love you, but i dont know how to begin talking to to, what do you recommend? Whats yur fav topic to talk abut at first and in general?

omg okay if you’re really serious then maybe you could come off anon? i wanna know who you are!

which movies do you want to watch. is deaht machine included, and do yu want to start kissing or something else?

well, i don’t consider DM a bad movie but yes let’s watch it and do stuff it’ll be cool

i’m gonna fucking finish this pokepasta before i forget what i was trying to say with it again

when did ORAS maxie get here

the ultimate insult tbh


loving an unpopular, small ship in a big fandom like


where do we meet? and what will we do first?

i was thinking maybe we could have a bad movie-marathon at my place